De Lucia Family Dental Testimonials & Results


"I feel so fortunate to have found you for my dental emergency when I was in St. Petersburg on vacation. You and your staff were very reassuring. I loved that you were so gentle! Also, no one tried to sell me a bunch of products. Everyone was efficient and friendly but easygoing, which made me calmer. I have had no problems since you fixed my broken tooth. Thank you."

Ms. Heather Hennessey

"As you know, I am one of those patients that it takes a while and more anesthetic to get numb. I want to thank you, Dr. De Lucia, for allowing me the time to get numb. At the last office, I had a bad experience when the dentist started working on me before I was completely numb. I also appreciate your small hands. I didn't have to keep my mouth open so wide."

Paul Gerard

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